Sunday, July 26, 2009

Trills of wind

I had a really great with with D. We had fun visiting her friends and being with her family. We hung out and enjoyed each other and had some really great conversations. We both said it's great how well we get along since we do spend so much time together.

My trip continues. I decided to make the drive to see my grandpa after I ended my time with D and her family, so I'm at my uncle's house. Going to be with grandpa tomorrow morning after a short visit earlier tonight, then head back out. Assuming that the shock which went out on my car (electrifyingly enough) is able to get fixed straight away tomorrow.

What if you heard that peace is real? What if I told you there was a better way? Would you come Home if you knew the way?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One destination

Spending time with D where she went to college. Meeting peoples' friends is always interesting. I wonder how we get to be friends some times. I wonder if things will ever change. It's something how I've come to look at things through different eyes. It's also interesting how much growth it would take me to be able to live somewhere like here. I'm far more introverted than some people realize, I think sometimes, and it would take growth to be able to live here.

Been pondering that even when evil is used for good, it still has to be punished.

A new thing which has come into my mind is how sometimes I look back in wonder and I think to myself, "Where'd you go?" Being here with D where she went to college makes me wonder how my life could have been different, but isn't. I find new face and new freshness in the reality that I am here, not there, but here. And I was led here, though it may not have been what was intended from the start, it is where I am.

Monday, July 20, 2009

None today

My knee is getting better. I went down on rollerblades the other day. I ran this A.M., though, so good sign there.

We're spending time with D's family and friends. They are a rather enjoyable bunch, and they put up with me pretty well, which I like.

After Meeting on Sunday, D and I got to go for a walk and talk about what we heard. That was really great.

I think a lot about all the different ways I am blessed. Health, wealth, great family, great job, great girlfriend. All good things. But I don't think often enough about all the other ways that I am blessed. And those are even better.

Good news. It's not about forever later, it's about forever today.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Centrifugal and Angular Motion

We went to a carnival last night. And rode on a super turbo ferris wheel, plus a super slide, plus a ride where there is a central pillar with arms having cars at the end, which you are then propelled circularly around the central pillar and, once reaching a good rate of speed, then the arms begin to raise and lower. I almost got sick.

I've been really pushing numerous people that I have seen since returning to consider going overseas, whether to the 'Stan or to another place, and I would like to continue that challenge to those who read this blog.

Also been thinking about how I present myself to the One, as I don't want to proclaim my name in His presence, but instead want to come forth in humility.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Otherwise, they should dump him.

We went to the garden of eden today. Highlights included Eve's hips, and the tour guide, "Why would you want to port your potty?" and...

Other Guest is it like a sauna in there?

Nara It's about a 9 on the portapotty scale.

Other Guest ...

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Call now!

So, jetlag. I had been doing OK until yesterday, then I took a nap during a movie then a little longer, so then I woke up at 3:50. Yay. That's OK, I've got electricity at least, eh?

Fourth of July was fun, I only almost killed myself once, so that was a plus. I'm kind of staying lazy, not really doing a whole lot. I am planning to run every morning, and that should help me be a little more in shape and have a little more energy. I got new running shoes the morning I got back so I could go run. I like running.

I'm pathetic. But I'm excited get to see D in 3 days!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


So. We are out of the 'Stan. After a three and a half hour delay, a flight with no food, we are in the hot, sticky-ness of Dubai. We fly to Moscow next, then to Atlanta, then to KC. And then I'll fly onto the folks from there.

We did get to go through the new airport terminal flying out, but some minister came in while we were waiting, so we had to go out and get re-screened. It was kind of ridiculous, like I said we waited for 3 and a half hours, including half on the ground.

But, now, after getting supper, we are going to make a quick shopping trip into Dubai, then back to the airport to fly out. We are going to have fun on this trip, no matter what it takes. That is why I brought my friendly lemur companion. D has already had it bite my nose a couple times.

It was kind of sad to leave the summer school kids today. I did get mob-hugged by a bunch of the 1-3 grade boys, which was interesting.

D's legs and feet are really hurting, so please Remember them for the rest of our... 24 hour trip. Thanks!