Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One destination

Spending time with D where she went to college. Meeting peoples' friends is always interesting. I wonder how we get to be friends some times. I wonder if things will ever change. It's something how I've come to look at things through different eyes. It's also interesting how much growth it would take me to be able to live somewhere like here. I'm far more introverted than some people realize, I think sometimes, and it would take growth to be able to live here.

Been pondering that even when evil is used for good, it still has to be punished.

A new thing which has come into my mind is how sometimes I look back in wonder and I think to myself, "Where'd you go?" Being here with D where she went to college makes me wonder how my life could have been different, but isn't. I find new face and new freshness in the reality that I am here, not there, but here. And I was led here, though it may not have been what was intended from the start, it is where I am.

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