Sunday, September 27, 2009


I got Chevelle's new album, and I like it. Some times it sounds like their earlier albums, at other times it has a very personally enjoyable flavor of Deftones.

I'm almost done with classes, and I will be glad to be done.

I was disappointed tonight when we had pecan pancakes (which I can't eat), and just a little bit of scrambled eggs when I got to supper from language class. But my exceedingly cool girl made me EasyMac. Thanks, D!

I had the first day of 5th and 6th grade boys basketball. We didn't get to play because they are not the best at paying attention and doing what they are told, but eventually they will understand that. I hope.

So why has my life made no sound?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hills of Acorns

Yesterday, we were driving over to a friend's house and we saw a turkey in the middle of the street. D thought that was great. I wish I could have caught it.

I am about 12 rice patties short of a flag.

It is fall break here, but I have been working since I have had projects that I could catch up on while everyone was gone and no one was bothering me, and because I am working now, our gracious director has agreed to allow me to flex days to some other part of the year, so D and I are thinking about maybe taking some personal time and taking a mini-vacation to Goa at some point later in the year. That would be fun.

I have been doing more preparation for the bane of my existence, our internet-based english test. It has hated on me again, and is refusing to set up properly. GRR. Other than that, I have almost everything that I wanted to get done over this break done. And I still have another day and a half to work.

Tonight, I am going over to some folks' house for supper. After that I am going to read more on my book, and start in on Jericho, which Brandon lent me. I am almost all done with The Office, Season 4, which D got me for a present. She's pretty great.

With the holiday here, I have been pondering a lot about how poor I have done at developing relationships with our local staff. Other epeople get invited to go places for the holiday, and I don't. Oh well. Maybe I'll figure it all out later.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Of you

Wow. I realize I have not posted in a while. Sorry.

Updates. D is here! I am pretty happy. We've had a pretty good time so far, there was a little frustration about her housing that has been taken care of. She's just started to get a little trickle of work, but needs to get more direction. That's something you could Remember for her.

My teaching is... going OK. I'm not convinced I'm the greatest at this, the kids don't seem to be learning as well as I would like. I wish I had more training at this. It's really frustrating to have some kids that are in an 8th grade class that are at a second grade english reading level. I don't want to leave them behind, but I don't know how not to. My physics class is pretty OK. Fortunately for me and the kids, the guy I am subbing for is on track to be back soon, so the qualified one will soon take over.

The rest of my work is behind. I wish I could keep both up, but I just have not been able to. :(

Please remember this country. There are some interesting times ahead for it. It's hard to really explain without understanding some of the cultural stuff here, but here's the easiest way to explain it. The western media is portraying the current political process as a critical event, a potential turning point. It's not seen by the people here that way. People didn't participate in the process, not because they were scared, but because they fundamentally don't see the point. We come in with our western cultural bias towards peaceful democracy, and that just doesn't fit their worldview at all. So the situation will be interesting, but not for the reasons many people think.

Finally, I am playing fantasy football this fall, and I just won my first game. Against my on-campus rival who got me into the league, no less. Yay! Last year I was 2-14, so this is a decent start, I hope.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

No more colander

D came back! I am now a happy guy. Not that I wasn't happy before, but I am happier now. :)

Classes are going OK. Not the best they possibly could or anything, but they are going OK. Physics is better than Physical Science, but I think a large part of that is the smaller class.

I have been working out and am semi-pleased with the results so far.

I have been thinking more and more about the context of where I am, and how it could be changed. How I wait for that day.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Soon, I think this place will feel like home again.

The first week of classes went well, I think. We had an aha moment regarding unit conversion and why time dilation does not affect, in a measurable sense, a pilot who breaks the sound barrier. That was great.

I went out to eat with friends last night, and while it was fun, it was not as fun as it could have been since D was not here. Oh well, that will change soon enough.

The country has been quiet of late. Please join me in continuing to ask that it stays that way.