Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hills of Acorns

Yesterday, we were driving over to a friend's house and we saw a turkey in the middle of the street. D thought that was great. I wish I could have caught it.

I am about 12 rice patties short of a flag.

It is fall break here, but I have been working since I have had projects that I could catch up on while everyone was gone and no one was bothering me, and because I am working now, our gracious director has agreed to allow me to flex days to some other part of the year, so D and I are thinking about maybe taking some personal time and taking a mini-vacation to Goa at some point later in the year. That would be fun.

I have been doing more preparation for the bane of my existence, our internet-based english test. It has hated on me again, and is refusing to set up properly. GRR. Other than that, I have almost everything that I wanted to get done over this break done. And I still have another day and a half to work.

Tonight, I am going over to some folks' house for supper. After that I am going to read more on my book, and start in on Jericho, which Brandon lent me. I am almost all done with The Office, Season 4, which D got me for a present. She's pretty great.

With the holiday here, I have been pondering a lot about how poor I have done at developing relationships with our local staff. Other epeople get invited to go places for the holiday, and I don't. Oh well. Maybe I'll figure it all out later.

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