Saturday, July 18, 2009

Centrifugal and Angular Motion

We went to a carnival last night. And rode on a super turbo ferris wheel, plus a super slide, plus a ride where there is a central pillar with arms having cars at the end, which you are then propelled circularly around the central pillar and, once reaching a good rate of speed, then the arms begin to raise and lower. I almost got sick.

I've been really pushing numerous people that I have seen since returning to consider going overseas, whether to the 'Stan or to another place, and I would like to continue that challenge to those who read this blog.

Also been thinking about how I present myself to the One, as I don't want to proclaim my name in His presence, but instead want to come forth in humility.


Tobias Davis said...

But I can't go overseas unless I have a bunch of money, which has all been diverted to college funds. But I would love to do it!

Russ said...

Toby- that's actually not entirely true, although that is the model that the American fellowship has brought people to think of overseas work in. I get paid, I don't have to raise a bunch of money. If you look, or if you are willing to go overseas as a tent maker working for a business, you can find something easily! Teach English in China! Work for an oil company! Be creative and look, if you truly are interested.