Wednesday, July 01, 2009


So. We are out of the 'Stan. After a three and a half hour delay, a flight with no food, we are in the hot, sticky-ness of Dubai. We fly to Moscow next, then to Atlanta, then to KC. And then I'll fly onto the folks from there.

We did get to go through the new airport terminal flying out, but some minister came in while we were waiting, so we had to go out and get re-screened. It was kind of ridiculous, like I said we waited for 3 and a half hours, including half on the ground.

But, now, after getting supper, we are going to make a quick shopping trip into Dubai, then back to the airport to fly out. We are going to have fun on this trip, no matter what it takes. That is why I brought my friendly lemur companion. D has already had it bite my nose a couple times.

It was kind of sad to leave the summer school kids today. I did get mob-hugged by a bunch of the 1-3 grade boys, which was interesting.

D's legs and feet are really hurting, so please Remember them for the rest of our... 24 hour trip. Thanks!


nln said...

See you soon! (sorry for the singular theme of my comments of late.)

Tobias Davis said...

And now I am following your "blog" about "parallel parking" through the handy Google Feed Reader. Essentially, I am stalking you. In a not creepy way.

Tobias Davis said...

Also, you have a lemur?

Russ said...

Yes, he is small and stuffed. :)