Monday, September 08, 2008

Less extended steel strings

There are days that you are suddenly reminded of the blackness of your human nature.

- Frustration at not having running water in the building and having to go to a school building to wash my hair, and not being able to take a real shower.

- Irrationality of the worst kind.

- Irritation about people not following procedures that maybe they don't know about (but they should)

- Juvenile behavior

- Mood swings

I feel some days like I'm about to just go falling off this tightrope I walk on. But what's really happening is that I get steadied each time before I tip over. It's other things that are falling off.


rachel said...

Oooooo, nice one. I like it. So is that why your blog is called "Falling Off"?

Russ said...

Not exactly, but sort of. Find the StarFlyer59 song "Shedding the Mortal Coil" It's a great song.