Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Where'd you roll, when you walked on?

Sometimes, I don't have much to say. Sometimes I open this up to start a new entry, and I don't know what I can relate, other than the boring, mundane things that happen to me every day.

Sometimes, I am truly thankful to have friends relate to that I don't have to work or live with.

Sometimes, I realize that when I don't get to play frisbee, my whole week seems a little less palatable. And that makes me sad about myself.

Sometimes, I'm stuck here waiting.

Sometimes, I know that I don't know anything.

Sometimes, I just have a moment where I don't want to know anything ever again.

Sometimes, I am so ashamed of who I am.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm almost where I should be.

Sometimes, I find that the change that has come upon me has rendered me a permanently different person, a person who wouldn't recognize who he has become.

Sometimes, I bring little more progress to my community than that which benefits me.

Sometimes, I guess I am of more worth than I will ever know.

I'm going to be out for a couple days, sorry you won't get an update for a few days.

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