Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nocturnal Power Cordwainer

I mostly took the day out today, and went to a quiet place, Read, wrote, reflected. I learned a lot this last year. I'd like to learn more next year. Sometimes, these exercises are frustrating, but it was good.

Honestly, as I look out across the windswept prairies of my homeland, I know that I love this place, and I have to be somewhere else. The realization of a lot more of what that means snuck up and reminded me today, I am not my own. I lift my eyes from the base of the hill, and I see that it should be me, made cold and crippled. Instead, I am not my own.

My dad and I watch movies together in the living room with surround sound and the projector (the popcorn is really cool too, Dad pops it on the stove, makes me feel right traditional), and we watched Flushed Away tonight. Not a terrific movie, but totally worth it for three seconds at the end where one slug says to another slug, "High Five! [pause while slugs look uncomfortably at each other] Oh, yeah." I laughed all three times we rewound to watch it.

I have the last line of White Christmas in my head, mixed with Foo Fighters. I need to make fewer left turns.

*Edit* This is my 361st post on this iteration of the blog. I think that feels weird, but only by a matter of degree. Thanks, I'm here all week. Try the veal.

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KATHLEEN said...

Russ, Your posts lately make me smile, sometimes laugh out loud. (Those far out titles alone are worth tuning in for. Today's is especially bizarro. Good for a really good laugh.) Your procrastination tendencies -- my son and daughter fall in that camp, too. I'm just the opposite. Can't seem to sit down or stop working at something. My kids had a hard time getting me out the door, "Mom, really, let the dusting wait; a burglar isn't going to care if the TV he's stealing is dusty or not." You readily admit your shortcomings and what you call being weird. But we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Our funny little quirks. If you took time today to be outdoors, appreciate the prairie, quietly reflected and wrote, then in my book, you have your priorities straight. I'm away from that now. And miss those wide open spaces of patchwork farm fields and prairie. Thanks for reminding me of home. These new horizons and landscapes are stretching me in so many different ways. It's been good for me. Enjoy your time with family and friends. And thanks for the words you put out there to express your thoughts and feelings. 360+! Jeepers, Russ.