Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why you wore Stamford colors in October

Russ : "You like this drill, don't you?"

Player : "Yeah, bring it!"

Russ : "Never tell me you like a drill."

At least he was in high school. After 40 seconds and 4 up downs, he was ready to quit.

I like coaching, really coaching, a lot. This makes me really miss my old ball team, but it's OK. The loss and gain goes on and on and on and on, until I'm just me with no one else in between. Mirror dimly, but someday, face to face.

This day marks the beginning of a two week countdown. Soon enough, I'll be remembered and forgotten, which is entirely OK with me. I know just enough to know that I was more and less than what I thought I was. I'm more content with just being me now.

Maybe this all seems even more cryptic than normal, when it seems things should be getting clearer. I find that life takes on a greater aspect like a fog - because you can't see far, you have to focus on what's immediate. I focus on what is near, and I grow more because what is near has more relevance. Then the fog lifts, and I get to see more of what's out there. But I wouldn't appreciate the big picture if I didn't care about the details. Yeah, that's probably not making any more sense to you now.

It's not you, it's me. So when you disappear...?

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