Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Halfway to surface tension

So, I’m sitting here and typing, again. Partly as practice for this new keyboard, and partly because I just like to write. While I’m never exactly sure what to type about, that usually doesn’t stop me from starting in the first place. I’m trying to decide if that’s because I suffer from mental incontinence, or if I just have this need to just ramble because I’m a weirdo. Yeah, probably the weirdo thing.

Something I have been contemplating of late is my ability, or lack thereof, to get things done. I think a large part of why I was not thrilled to have this large chunk of time off during the summer, because I don’t have any real pressure to get things done. So all this stuff that I should get done isn’t getting done at the proper pace, because I lack motivation (such an aggravation). This frustrates me, and while I can, from time to time, mitigate my procrastination, it’s difficult for me to clamp it down for a long period of time. This leads to procrastination after procrastination, and the eventuality of a large amount of pressure to get something done. Which usually then leads me to get something done, but in a sort of hasty and not necessarily high quality fashion. I need to work to fix this, but I keep putting that off.

Yesterday, I finally got a hold of the ‘Stan embassy and discovered that, since I had sent in a personal check instead of a money order (Genius boy here needs to learn to read and follow fine print from foreign government websites), my visa application was not processed and that I needed to send in a money order. Why they didn’t just return my app (and passport), I don’t exactly follow, but I overnighted a money order, and I should hopefully have my visa at the end of the week. Moral of the story? When dealing with important things, always carefully read all directions. Including the ones that look like they are for something else.

I was going to share a story that described in some poignant and touching fashion exactly where my mental state is, was, has been, and will be, but since I’m an insensitive jerk, there isn’t a story that works.

I really like my new laptop. It's really small, sleek, quiet, good screen, good wireless. I almost wish it was lighter, but at the same time, this feels solid, not chintzy.

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