Thursday, July 24, 2008

Never trip over the antecedent

Well, a few more days have gone by, and still I'll fly away.

I'm slowly losing the ability to remember that I still need to find solace in my own silence. I'm slowly finding the ability to look around and see that I still need to have an admission of regret. I'm slowly hearing that there's a whole world out there, but I've grown to love this bed too much to leave it.

I went out with my family on a mini-vacation today, my dad took the day off and we went to a museum, had lunch, just like we used to do. Nostalgia was the internal order of the day, as I realize that life just keeps on staying the same while it passes me by, that I am fundamentally who I have always been, just more so (if that makes sense.) and that so is everyone around me, by and large. There are things about me that I wish I could change, there are things that are changing, but none of them profound or stark, just more ropes being untied, just more of a little growth.

Give me a servant's heart.

I leave in a week. I'm excited.

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