Friday, April 18, 2008

Life through your eyes

There are, at least, two different kinds of Trust. There's the trust that I often have, which was a passive thing. It said, "I trust that the things that are going to come my way are going to come, and so I'll wait for them to come." I don't think there's anything implicitly wrong with that kind of Trust. But there's also the Trust that says, "I'm going to go knock on many doors and trust that the right one is the one that will open." I don't think there is anything inherently better in this kind of trust. I think you must have both kinds of trust. But there's a balance to be found in this, that you can have too much of the passive Trust that you become lazy and never seek out the things that you are to Do, or you can have to much of the active Trust that you become dependent on yourself to make things happen.

I'm the passive kind of guy. I'm working on being more active. I already took one big step of active Trust in coming here. Then I took a somewhat passive turn when I chose to come back next year. Now, I have a thought that I need to be active in some other areas of my life. We'll see if it really is the right decision or not.

Home is a fluid concept. I don't know if anything will ever seem home quite as this place does, or if the way I felt home back in the States will be quite like it ever again. I know one way I want home to feel in the future. But I know there is one Home I long to be.

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