Thursday, April 17, 2008

All I want is a...

I'm not very good at my job. I'm not very good at my life.

And strangely, somehow, I know I'm supposed to be here. What does that make me?

It seems that for some reason, I have been given this journey to walk down. I know that my strength to make it through every day has to come from somewhere other than myself.

I played volleyball and basketball today. I can get my fingers over the rim. When I hustle and work hard, I'm actually decent.

I have good intentions, but no exit for them to come out right through. All that I want to give gets caught between every rib.

I used to live my life in a fashion so that I said I Trusted, but really I was just apathetic and waited for things to come to me. Now I see I need to live differently, to be more proactive. We'll see if I can adequately apply that lesson across my life, and not go overboard.

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