Sunday, March 16, 2008

Up again

So, as I walk down the street to get my breakfast this morning, I walk by the guard supervisor (background - the guards have to be in uniform, the supervisor doesn't), and see he's wearing a polo shirt. Didn't exactly think tons of it at first. Then stopped, turned, looked, and he's wearing a polo shirt, with logo, from my dad's workplace in the States. That was weird. He said he bought it here.

Slept more last night. Working out three times helped, I think. Beating on the punching bag let me get some of the stress out, too. Life will soon be back to the normal that it never has been before, because the normal that was will never be back again. Normal is a moving target.

Time to see this - I've got One on my side who is better than those on the other side.

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