Sunday, March 16, 2008

Transformity, Comformity, Won't Back Down.

(If you're keeping track, this is post #2 today.)

It's odd how things happen sometime. Last night, I really wanted just hang and talk with a buddy of mine. It didn't work out because he had some other commitments, so I kind of bounced around campus, listening to music loud, worked out three times (yes, I am sore today.), and just Talked and processed a lot of different things. Maybe I got some stuff worked through, maybe not permanently but at least for now. I think the alone time was probably as good or better for me than hanging out time would have been.

So tonight, when I got to hang out with my buddy, it turned out that he needed to talk with me, or more accurately, I needed to be there to listen to him. This encourages me more than other encouragement that some people have tried to give me recently, which may seem strange, but it's true. See, I have this dualistic relationship with praise or recognition. I don't like it publicly or directly, but I do want and maybe to see it in other, quiet ways. It's kind of encouraging to know that even though I'm not always the most stable or positive person, I still can be there for someone else. Maybe the whole reason that I am here is to be that stable person for one or two people, one or two times.

Maybe there are other reasons. All I really know tonight is that I helped one person just by being here, one person that probably no one else around here could have helped. Right now, that's what I need. That's enough.

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