Tuesday, February 05, 2008


There is nothing that can be done to realign the primary coils that manifest themselves as a singularly unknown set of confidence factors. We try to be the left and the life to the ones who forced behind the simplicity, but the kindness that gets thrown around like a bandoleer of string stooped to that level a long time ago. The westernmost outpost put out a new set of living standards a while ago that reduced the courteous to a blubbering mass of reliquarian cold. From the sadness wrested a sight fortuitous and friendly, the six legged scone with scrupulous tendencies toward oscillation. It's the admission of a great return from the daring trough that couldn't have found a blue flame in a white bottle of candlesticks.

My will be a dead man.

For some reason, I have become rather... hyper tonight. We had a team meeting tonight, the purpose of which was to have an evening of enjoyment. So we had some standup comedy, some funny video clips, some humourous songs, a good time. Then we read some more in Silent Planet, and I came back to e-mail and blog real quick before going to bed. But my generator was on. Rather than turn it off, I'll just let our staff turn it off at 11:00 P.M. while I enjoy lights, solid wireless, and not running my battery down by playing music loud. So this blog post has been taking a while, as hyper me is listening to Project at full blast, and occasionally taking a second out to pretend I'm in the band, or scream out lyrics with Andrew. I can't think of any time that I've done this quite to this extent in the last couple weeks. And it's not because I'm mad or anything, I'm just hyper. I had a good day at work, I'm working on a promo video for the school, and I'm having a blast getting footage and editing. And I've had basketball the last two days, which I enjoy so very much.

And, I've been Reading some pretty incredible things recently. I changed my Reading pattern since I got back, and it has proven to give me enough of a different perspective on why and how I Read, that I've felt that I have been actually seeing much more.

Finally, requests for Pr. My fellow staffers from here, Jeremy and Rachel, just had twins, a couple weeks premature because of complications. The girls are small, but expected to be OK, but still need your . Also, a friend from Omaha, Katy, just had her first boy, about 6 weeks premature, and while it sounds like he'll be OK, he's going to be in the hospital for a while, too. Thanks for your remembrances.

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