Monday, February 04, 2008

There is a brighter way.

It's the big things and the little things.

It's having my music player randomly pick a song I haven't heard for a while, and that reminding me of who I am, and who I know.

It's feeling like I'm really starting to accomplish things in a certain work project that I need to get done soon.

It's snow for a dry and needy country.

It's getting to help my friend out by helping in her class for a while.

It's watching my guys play basketball on a slick outdoor court with snow falling all around, and having a blast.

It's a good group of guys to have community with.

It's fried chicken for lunch and pancakes and !!! for supper.

It's two matching sets of skittles.

It's e-mails from friends.

It's issues affecting our whole school starting to get solved.

It's the encouragement of a quiet Word, right when I need it.

It's a smile.

There are times when I choose to let big things, negative things drag me down. There are times when I let little things drag me down. There are times when I miss opportunities put in my path. There are times when my prideful heart refuses to let me do the things I need to.

And then there are times when I can see who holds our dreams.

Unashamed I wish to stand one day.

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