Saturday, January 19, 2008

The race we run is a marathon.

Holiday here, so no school. I've done some work, we had a staff meeting, I got my hair cut, and I'm taking a few minutes out of some other work to blog. And we're going to have a snowball fight later today. We manage to enjoy ourselves, even during the bitter cold.

And it is cold here. But I'm surviving fine, and I have the warm weather to look forward to. I'll probably get my luggage, hopefully intact, tomorrow. Since it was a holiday, we didn't have cooking staff here today, and so there's a big pile of dishes that I may go attack later, because I'm me. Some of us are going to try to order out for supper, since we can't go out because of the holiday. Not sure if they are going to deliver or not, but maybe...

There is a difference between how I used to be, and how I find myself now: I'm not here to stay, my friends and I don't mind. Think about the vastness ahead of us, and I shrink away. But I know that this place is not my real home. I'm not here to stay.


nln said...

It is a holiday here to, on Monday, but not the same one, of course.

Russ said...

And I bet they do a lot different things where you are for your holiday than happens here.

Lot different.

They might do about the same things in L.A., however.