Monday, December 03, 2007

The same old word giving me the spark.

Today, I subbed for a sick teacher. He teaches German, Geography, and Oral Comm.

I am just about worthless in the classroom. Because of sick days, personal days, travel, etc, we had basically exhausted all of the other sub resources in the school. I was basically the last resort for today. I got the sub folder, did the exercises, essentially just supervised kids. It wasn't horrific or anything, no real problems, but I am realizing that teaching just isn't my thing. I can do it for SS an hour a week or so, but 7 classes in one day? That's just not going to happen under my personal plans.

That's a glimpse into my day. I think he's feeling better, so I shouldn't have to sub tomorrow, but who knows... I just do as I do.

Did study tonight as part of the coming season. So much to remember at this time. Also went over and did part of the reading schedule with my friends. We did that when I was a kid, and it's... I don't really know how to explain it. A time of fellowship, good for me, important, a focusing, a quiet reminder... none of these make up the whole, but they comprise some of the parts. I would highly encourage you to find your own reading schedule for this season, in addition to any regular reading you do. Sing songs, Talk, Remember.

This is the time to celebrate so much. Don't let this world make you numb to it.

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