Sunday, December 02, 2007

25 pounds is a bulk rate

Just to prove we're not entirely sticks in the mud here... one of my friends' family sent her a show they recorded off of PBS about the burgeoning ferret show world. Sadly hilarious, I can't even begin to describe it. It was filmed documentary style, and these people were serious. One of the ladies in the movie had devoted an entire floor of her house to her ferrets and their trophies. Another one said that she spends 3 hours a night with her ferrets. One of the ladies in the movie basically said that her ferrets were her reason for living. I'm amazed, because of the amount of effort that these people put into their pets, the amount of money. I can't even imagine showing that movie to a poor person here, I think they might want to do rough violence to me... really, one of the ladies said that some of the other ferret breeders (these people breed FERRETS!) turn their AC on high a month or two before a show to fool the ferrets into thinking that winter is starting, so they will start growing thicker coats. And they do lots other crazy things for and to their ferrets, that border on obsessive behaviors...

So I wonder, do I have ferrets in my life? That's a tough, introspective question. I know I used to spend far more time than I should have playing computer games, and that one of the things on my To Do in the U.S. list is playing a couple games that have come out since I've been here (SupCom:FA, Crysis, HL2:Ep2 and Portal, WiC) that I will probably play at least a few of... I really like to read Science Fiction, and I've not read as much here as I did. I listen to a lot of music, and I have a list of albums that I want to get in the States. I try to work out most every day. I try to keep up with news and sports in the U.S. I think there may not be as large of a single 'ferret' with me, but there are probably some smaller ones that add up.

For a lot of reasons (people gone and in the states), there have been lots of substitutes around here the last week. I think one day I was one person away from having to sub, but it worked out that I didn't... probably a very good thing for me and the kids.

Speaking of kids, there's this one kindergarten boy who is awesome. He's a local kid, and he has two distinctive features. One, his eyes are huge. I mean it, every time I look at him, I wonder if he could open his eyes up any farther without dislocating his eyebrows. Secondly, his fingers are super long, and he isn't self conscious about using them to point or just wiggling them, so you really notice. Anyway, this kid also seems to be pretty smart. Today, I was walking back to my building (the kindergarten is in the first floor of my building), and this kid came out of the bathroom (which is outside and across the courtyard), and made his way back to the building by jumping across the courtyard on the tiles that are the least damaged. I could see him stop and ponder each jump before making it, as though weighing his options as to which tile was more intact, and then calculating his angle of attack. I timed my pace so I would arrive at the door just after his last jump, and so I would be right behind him going into the building. He turns around to me, and proudly holds up his right hand. "Five jumps!" he says. A kid after my own heart. I think he's been keeping track.

Last night, I bought my tickets back to the states, then returning here... It's kind strange in a way to be planning a return, especially as it will involve moving here before I leave, and also moving in the States when I get there.

In keeping with the coming season, a couple friends and I are following a reading schedule in the evenings. It reminds me of December evenings as a kid. It seems that everywhere we go, we can remake our traditions to fit the circumstances. I really enjoy the readings, and we also have a recommended song to sing, which is nice except when we know different verses or verses in a different order.

Also, the starting the day right thing really does work. I got up early today so that I could get all my pushups and situps done, my shower taken, my dedicated time spent so that I could get French Bakery before school... I enjoy my French Bakery runs, it's just so cool to be able to get nice, gooey, warm, fresh, gooey chocolate croissants in the morning, and bring them to people. I'm trying to limit myself to one morning a week, (it's easier in the cold, because I don't want to spring right out of bed) and that makes the one morning that much better...

Finally, it's getting cold here. How cold? Cold enough that I can see my breath in my house. Cold enough I wear gloves most of the day, even in my office. Cold enough that I drink about 10 cups of hot water a day. I'm resisting turning on the heaters as long as I can, but I'll probably give in here pretty soon... I am told that the three weeks we are gone are usually the coldest of the winter. I am soo looking forward to central heating...

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