Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Words without knowledge.

Today wasn't the best day. I didn't get up until about 6:30, I was kinda grumpy and let the fact that I didn't sleep well/much last night affect my day. I had lots to try to do today, and I didn't get much of it done. I was cold all day, I really didn't feel terrific this morning, and just was generally kind of lame today. I hate it when I feel crummy and morose, and just can't get out of that feeling. Not even pizza for lunch (I didn't feel like eating much if any) or chocolate muffins (I did eat three today, hoping it would make me feel better) did any good. Although, really, it is kind of poor that I try to turn to those things to make me feel better.

In an attempt to now prove that I'm not entirely a stick in the mud, I did have one funny thing happen today.

I'm sitting in my office, and a high school kid comes in and says, "Excuse me, we need a pronto."

"You need a what?"

"A pronto!"

Now, at this point, all I can think about is the Pronto Pup corn dogs they had at the Kansas State fair. This kid is a local, his English isn't great, so I can't imagine he's been the the Fair, and is seriously asking me for a corn dog.

"I'm sorry, what do you need?"

"A... pronto... a projector pronto! For English!"

Suddenly, understanding dawns on me. The English teacher probably needed a projector for something, and asked this student to come and get it from me, "Pronto." This student, not understanding a lot of American idioms, thought that pronto was a noun.

Played Frisbee tonight. Cold, but fun. Had pot roast when we got back, I asked the cook to save some for the three of us that went. I like eating dinner with the big group, but there's also something nice and quiet about eating with just a few folks every now and then.

Lots of people sick or getting there around here. I think I'm almost getting to be one of them, but I'm hoping to hold it off for a while longer.

I had lots of energy right after we got back, but now I'm fading, fading fast.

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