Saturday, November 10, 2007

The televising of utopia was a failure

Sorry, I know there are people out there who eagerly await my blogging with bated breath, but you'll just have to calm down a little. I've been directing more of my writing inward and Outward these days, and that has left little over for public consumption. I think you understand where my priorities are.

Priorities. As some of you may have read in the news, there is a lot going on in the world relative to my geographical position these days. Much of it does to show the basic depravity of men, for what good does it do to bomb a school and kill 50 children? What good does it to try to clamp down on a country you seem to be loosing a grip on? What profiteth a man to gain the whole of his world?

I also have been taking a good, hard look at my priorities in these recent days, for many reasons. One thing that has come out of my introspection of late is that my priorities have started to orient correctly, but that much, much more work is needed to bring them to the right heading, and keep them there. I was talking to someone today who has been here for two years, and he gave the analogy of life and priorities being like a canoe one is paddling upstream. Constant work and guarding is needed to ensure the course, to stay let alone advance.

In this, I am reminded that my growth and my reorientation is not a one time event, but something that I must never cease to work on, never let fall by the wayside because of inattention or willful disobedience. Instead, I must fix my eyes on the prize and always work to keep the course, to correct it quickly if I fall away, to find strength and comfort in the knowledge that I have not already attained but can press on.

I am grateful for all of the encouragement that you have sent me. I still don't know why I am here, exactly, but I know that I will press on to whatever end. I was reading a letter 2 Tim today, (2.21).

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