Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vow in silent sendings.

Today has been a fine day. Today has been a good day.

We played Ultimate at the U.S. Embassy. When we finally kept score, it was a good game, even though we lost, 10-9. I had basketball with the kids the last two days, and it went fairly well. I did sound for the fall choir concert on Sunday, and that also went pretty good. Some things not as good as I would have liked, but overall, it was good.

Oh, and we've hit a good stretch in the menu - tacos for supper yesterday, Arabian chicken for lunch, and hamburgers for supper. Even better, I had asked the cook to hold back some food for those of us who went and played frisbee, so there were burgers for us when we got back. Got to sit and quietly eat and talk, which I enjoyed.

So much more I could say but can't relate yet.

And my Friend is never to be relegated to the sidelines, and still shuts the mouths of lions. Never to be relegated to the sidelines, and still provides good things for us. Never to be pushed aside, and gives to us trials and joys the same, to build us up.

Today, I am happy for I know... no matter what. And that can never be moved.

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