Monday, October 15, 2007

Just use the key.

Day today.

Lazed around in the A.M. Did dishes from the Great nan Pizza Experience last night, which turned out semi-well. Went out to Chicken Street (think tchoctke row) with some of the other teachers. Decided not to eat with the starers in the Kebab shop. Got myself a winter coat. Had Lebanese for lunch. Tested some systems here. Installed CS3 on the rest of the lab computers. Had spaghetti for supper with some of the other folks that are still here. Played Uno. Started to watch the Shawshank Redemption, was dragging, came home, perked up enough to blog, but am starting to drag again. Won't blog long, going to bed soon. Doing consulting tomorrow, hoping to be done in time to play Frisbee.

I would like to ask for Remembrance for Joel, our Art Teacher. He's the one who has been having issues with his knee, it randomly started swelling about a week ago, preventing him from walking. They went back to the doc today, and he had to have surgery done on the knee today because of infection, it sounds like now he's going to be in the hospital a week. Please Remember him and his wife Becky.

Once and for all, not continually, but one price has been paid once for us. Purified.

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