Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Super Stereophonic

Today, I played Frisbee on U.S. soil. You guess how that's possible.

Anyway, it's almost the end of break, and it has and hasn't gone quite how I wanted it to. Honestly, I have felt almost guilty when I haven't been working. At the same time, I haven't really worked a whole lot in actuality. It's kind of been one of those weird, in between weeks where I sort of worked, but didn't really. I mean, I've taken off in the afternoon three times now, once to play Frisbee, once to go out to Chicken Street with some folks, and then today to go sort of work, doing more website design consulting for this local company. But I've been in and out of the lab and my office outside of those times, so it's not like I've been working, but I have been. I think you know what I mean, especially if you've ever had any kind of break thing like this...

I like Silage. They are just such a cool, happy, serious, rocking band.

I had something more profound to say, but it's gone now.

My socks are awesome.


nln said...

Guess #1:
You found some dirt in your socks or shoes that had been there since leaving the States & you dumped it on the ground, stood on it, and threw a Frisbee.

nln said...

Guess #2:
Some place is considered U.S. "territory" and it has a place to play Frisbee

David said...

you stood on the paperweight you brought from home that is colored sand. Was pretty hard to stand on - very small footprint