Friday, October 12, 2007

Connected to a reticent Pteradactyl

Before you break the silence... allow me to say a few words.

Today is the first day of fall break. I decided not to go anywhere for fall break, so in some ways, I'm kind of at loose ends. In other ways, I have plenty to do. I have to sit in the lab for a while as I try to install AdobeCS3 on 17 computers. The rub is that I don't really have to do much, but each install takes about half an hour (the install is on DVD, and is about 4gb!), so I can kind of run and do other things and keep coming back, but it is not the most efficient solution. So, I decided to bring my laptop over, listen to tunes, do some writing and play with Photoshop some myself (since we got both Mac and Windows licenses, with teacher use licenses and the Yearbook teacher asked me if I could learn some too so I could maybe help them some... I think I'm going to play with InDesign and maybe write up a newsletter or something to send out to all y'all.

I have some other, while perhaps not entirely cogent thoughts about life, but instead of spitting them out in blog form, I think I'm going to work on a short story.

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