Friday, August 10, 2007


Well, today was a day of rest, (Friday is Sunday here), and I actually didn't do any work. I'm kind of disappointed in myself, because there is a lot to do, but that's the way I guess it goes sometimes.

We went out this morning, and then went to lunch at a Thai place afterwards. We got back, I moved over to the new house that I'll be staying in (the place of the family of the gent I am replacing), then played volleyball for a couple hours, then went and had supper at one of the ladies' houses on campus, stayed and chatted for a while. Found out that I'm not the only one worried about fitting in, but for different reasons. Reassuring, in a way.

Lots to do the rest of the week. I took some pictures today, I may post one or two, but I'm kind of trying to be careful about what I take, and especially about what I post. I'll probably have lots of photos once I get back.

Hope you all have a good weekend, I did. Feel free to send me e-mails (please just be cautious in what you send), ask someone who would know if you want my address.

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