Monday, January 17, 2011

Standing ovation

I'm a little disappointed in myself and in America at times.

My wife is slowly eroding my resistance to reality tv. First it was "say yes to the dress" Next was Big Brother, slowly followed by cooking shows. Ok, Big Brother was dumb trash, but amusing. But now, she is slowly dragging me into the bachelor.

And every night, I weep inside for myself and for America. Because this is what gets presented to young men and women as the ideal of romantic love. What? Hyperreality at the worst possible time, the date. Is it any wonder that only one of the numerous couples on this show has had a relationship that has made it to a wedding? Is it any wonder that the women on the show go away a mess when they don't get picked? When love becomes reduced to a series of totally unrealistic dates and snatches of accelerated physical intimacy, and hearts are given away for ratings on tv... Is it any wonder divorce rates are so high? Is it any wonder that people from other cultures look at us and are repulsed?

Sigh. There but for grace go I. And all of this a molehill a mile high.

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