Saturday, January 01, 2011

Is it a bear or a rabbit?

Yesterday, my wife signed us up to be phone spammed.

We were looking at insurance, and she signed up for an online insurance quoter. Within two minutes, she got called by three insurance agents. I was slightly upset by this, and chastised her a little bit. When she called about an hour later, we had figured out what we were wanting to do, so she told the agent that was unceremoniously hung up on.

So we hatched a plan to have fun with the next caller.

This afternoon, New Years Day, we were called by another insurance agent.

I answered the phone. After the initial greetings, the agent asked what we were looking for, insurance for just Diane or our family.

"Actually, we're looking for insurance for our entire family." I replied.

"So by entire family, that's you and your wife?" She asked.

"For me, my wife, and our stuffed animal." I said, in as straight of a voice as I could.

There was silence for about five seconds, and then she asked, "Is it a bear or a rabbit?"

"She's a bear."

The agent laughed and then said, "Happy New Year! Ok, so insurance for you and your wife?"

Stifling back laughter, I said, "Well, we really are looking for health insurance for our stuffed aninmal."

"Well, our insurance is for people who are animate, and your bear is inanimate. So, unfortunately, we won't be able to offer insurance for you."

I couldn't get out telling her that Ronden does talk to us regularly, so that I did think she could qualify as animate. Instead, I just wished her Happy New Year and thanked her for her call.

We are pretty awesome, I think.


nln said...

I hafta say, I think you met your match in that phone rep. :)

JMA said...

Funny blog post. Thanks for the laugh!