Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Today was kind of a sad day.

We'd been given an ultimatum that we had to relocate our dog, Max, or we would have to have him put down. So we searched and searched and searched, trying to find a good home for him. The few people that seemed interested didn't end up wanting him. We were getting close to the deadline.

Then today, our chaoikidar (basically, our gate keeper and grounds keeper) found out we had to send him away and said, "I will take him!" Yay! Max likes him, which was one of our worries, and we know he won't make him into a fighting dog, which was our other worry. So today, Max went home with his new owner. Kind of sad, but really good that he's going to a good home and will be able to stay alive.

Yet I'm going to miss him.

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