Sunday, December 06, 2009

The longest sounding statement

There will always be things here that I am still growing in my understanding of.

What to do when... don't understand the decisions that other people make which affect you. wonder why this thing I want isn't going to happen. wonder how to deal with situations that come up and make you angry and are powerless to deal with here. try to figure out how to be the man you need to be.

But in all these things, and through all these things, there are constants. There are things that we Know, and those are the things I will hold on to.

There are day to day things that encourage me. I had the Jr. High boys for basketball yesterday, and it went fairly well. They may not like that we drill for 1/2 an hour before playing for 1/2 an hour, but I can see improvement in their skills, and I keep emphasizing to them that if they get better, they will be able to have more fun in more situations. They're pretty good kids most of the time.

Please Remember a friend that D has, who is going through a difficult time and who we don't know how to help in the constraints of the culture here. Please Ask that we would make it through 2 more weeks until we get to leave, and that we would be able to be refreshed while home.

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