Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's Curtains for the Andromeda Galaxy!

Today was the last edition of my administering the test of English for non-native speakers. YAY! It went really well this time, in fact the biggest problem is that it went so well that I that I have nothing to complain about and get sympathy for! :(

School started back up yesterday, and it is kind of a relief. That was a bit too much time off. We have about 30 more days in country before we head out for the Christmas break. We're making it. Out security got lifted a touch so we were able to go over to our friends' last night. That was really nice, they are really fun people. We've hung out with people a lot the past few days, which has been good after the lower people quotient over the H1N1 break. D and I went over and had Indian with our science teacher's family Friday, and that was a lot of fun. We baked cookies with their kids (and then proceeded to eat too many of them) and shared funny stories.

I had Jr. High boys basketball today. It went really, really well. I think if it would not have gone well, I would have been alot more down, but it went great.

I played in a volleyball tournament last friday. My team got dead last. I don't do too well playing on horrific teams. I can handle decent, I don't do flat out bad well.

D and I are also taking language lessons with some other folks. The more I learn, the more I realize how idiomatic English is. I also have a fear of having an 'aha' moment and getting alot of the pieces put together right before I leave. That would be tragic.

I was reading Schaffer today while I was administering the english test. I am really enjoying what I am reading. He says a lot about understanding realism and how the Message really and truly is realistic. I think I will enjoy the rest of the messages that I have from him.

Finally, I leave you with a thought from him. Sometimes we look for all or nothing from people, when instead we should have realistic expectations from the fallen people we deal with.

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