Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving of Thanks

Yesterday was the 1 year dating anniversary for D and I! We celebrated by going out to a restaurant and having a nice date. Sometimes it is hard to believe we have been dating a year with all that has happened, but we have! I really like her. I told her we will have to keep this up for at least another year. :D

Today has been a good day. We got up this morning and went to the U.S. Embassy for the disorganized, not-really-an-event Turkey Trot. 5.3k. I got 4th! Unfortunately, there was no timer, but I don't think I could possibly have been much better than a 25. Oh well.

Then we came back to school, and I played in a staff flag football game. 8 guys, we had a good time. I threw 4 TD passes in my team's losing effort. None too shabby. Except I didn't do great on defense (not used to trying to grab flags.)

Finishing baking cookies followed, and then our staff thanksgiving dinner. It was good. Afterwards, we watched a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Charlie Brown and the Mayflower Voyagers (which was amazingly historically accurate, but strange and weird to see Adults in a Peanuts cartoon.) before I took our science teacher's two older boys home (the teacher,his wife and their two younger girls had already walked home.) This short, 2 minute walk involved a conversation with the 5 year old I was carrying about how he could see my breath but not his, the 7 year old asking why D and I don't live together, the 5 year old asking me why I liked D, all the while he's pulling my collar down, exposing my neck and upper chest to the cold air, while the 16 year old girl who lives on campus in the same house as the boys is giggling hysterically. It was good.

I just got a new update for my Kindle that includes native PDF support and manual page orientation rotation. I think that could be good. We'll have to see.

Finally, work is going OK, I have a project and some direction now which is great!

Happy thanksgiving everyone!


nln said...

5.3k? Is that like 3 1/2 miles? I have never heard of a 5.3k run.

Russ said...

It's for when you don't have a real course and just kind of use what is available and easy.

nln said...

ah.... that explains it. Though as I recall Mr. Linder was always able to make pretty exact courses anywhere, even in our yard, by varying which trees you ran around, etc. Oh well, you said they weren't organized....