Tuesday, November 03, 2009

All I'll ever need, the Nerve, the Greed...

I live in a country where the government suddenly mandated that schools must take three weeks off to prevent the spread of disease that no one was really talking about 5 days ago. Now everyone is walking around with masks. Oh, what controversial election? People have died in the last month. Never mind that epidemic TB, we might have H1N1!

So, lots of teachers are taking advantage of the three week break and leaving. D's organization is not being forced to take off, though, so they are still here. I decided to not leave her, so I am here too. I should be able to get some projects done.

I was talking to one of the teachers today, he used to coach basketball so we have swapped stories occasionally. He told me today about one time he got a technical. He said they were in a game that they were losing, in part due to inconsistent refereeing, so he called time out and sent one of his players in and told him, "Guard the ref. Don't let him get the ball." Player goes in and smothers the ref. After a minute of this, the ref stops play and comes over to talk to the coach, saying, "What's going on?" Coach says, "I'm sorry, he must be confused. I told him to guard the person who was hurting us the most." T.

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rachel said...

lol! clever! sounds like it should be in a movie. like Hoosiers or something.