Monday, October 12, 2009

A sound occupation

We, the teachers, faced off against the high school boys today in soccer. Well, I should say, we the male staff, faced off against the teacher as our school's choawkidar (like gatekeeper and maintenance guy wrapped into one) and our European security manager played too. We beat the boys 4-1. It was pretty fun, except the one time I got mad at the student who kept trying to do a swim move to get around me and his hand kept striking low. Not one of my finer moments, but the kid needed to stop it.

Work has been going. I struggle at times with the lack of direction, and with the need to integrate the different aspects of the job (help desk, network administrator, and school technology coordinator) together. I think I mostly do OK, but it is still a struggle. I'm slowly checking off major projects, though, and that is encouraging.

We're doing a study right now led by our local association's leader that is really fascinating about the history of the prevalent system here. It's a lot of looking at history and trying to avoid polemic slander. The gent who is leading it has a deep knowledge of this stuff, and while he's making us do a lot of reading, I feel like I've learned a lot that will help me as I continue to walk in this place.

I think this is kind of angsty 14 year old to do, but I mentioned in the last post how I really liked Thrice's new album. So I'm going to put up some of the lyrics from At The Last in hope that maybe my readers will gain some appreciation for why I like it so much.

I'm a good man on the whole.
Who can blame me for the guilt of another one?
I never killed, I never stole.
A small indulgence now and then -- so what of it?
I'm a good man.
I'm a good man.
Am I a good man?
I thought I was...

The rewards of this life now count for naught.
My body soon buried and left to rot.
Good times gone -- how quickly -- an honest past.
Now I see how I've squandered each and every breath!

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Kansas Creers said...

Hey Russ! Sounds like you guys had fun playing soccer. We're almost in the same boat with the direction problem