Sunday, August 16, 2009

Don't worry now

So. Electricity here is 220. Computers just arrived from the U.S.? 110. PSU go pop. My ears struggle from compression wave. I need to get PSU repaired.

Nose has been bleeding a lot. Dry air plus my bad nose... not a good combination.

I have a great sense of peace about being here now. That's been huge for me lately.

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Tobias Davis said...

I know it's too late now, but my older (as in, 386, ha ha) computers had a switch on the PSU for 110 vs. 220. Oh well, it's in the past I suppose...

Also, my nose bleeds a lot when I am dehydrated, but if I eat gelatin (I usually just get Jello) than it helps as well. If the skin on your fingers peels much at all, it's a good sign you need to eat some gelatin.

It's good to have peace, so true.