Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hard to hear, too loud to see

Today was another day. I had 5th and 6th grade boys basketball, and I get so frustrated at them sometimes because the boys can be so contrary and frustrating. And then there's the kid who works hard at what I ask them to do, obviously improves over the course of the hour we're there, and makes me feel OK about myself as a semi-coach.

I did one of my semi-favorite things tonight. I closed the curtains, turned out the lights, and listened to music in the dark. It makes me feel alone and yet really not, and He takes away some of my madness when I do.


I can get worn down by longer and longer days here.

I find that a simple thing keeps me grounded and able to lift my hands and my head up. I just think about what I can see that is absolutely amazing. When I think about gravity, when I think about trees, electrical conductivity, bacteria, I am amazed. Amazed that all this could exist for us, amazed that the blindfold has been taken off of me a little bit.

I really could use your Remembrance for knowing how to be here and be strength for the people around me, especially D. My role here, in so many things, is not direct work but support, and I find that especially true right now in my relationship with her. Please also Remember me during what is probably 'tonight' for most people reading this, because I'm leading our brief weekly team focus meeting tomorrow. I really want to be an encouragement to those around me.

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