Tuesday, May 19, 2009

For what we can't pull down

It's been an... exhausting couple of days. Lots of good things, but lots of exhaustion.

Today was supposed to be the high school musical concert on campus. Right after I got all the sound gear set up for the outdoor concert, we had a dust storm. So I took out cable connections, closed up cases, etc. Just in time for the start of the short but torrential downpour of rain. So we had to emergenciarily (which is a good word I just made up) took the stuff inside, and some of the 7th graders helping didn't have quite the care I could have wished. Oh well. I just have to spend tomorrow setting everything back up for the rain date.

There's been some other stuff going on with students that I've gotten pulled into which I haven't exactly been thrilled about, but what can you do?

I've also had some really good meetings with my new boss, which has been encouraging.

And tomorrow, I get to have a date with a pretty girl!

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