Sunday, March 08, 2009

Early in the morning

So, part of my adjustment back to the 'Stan is, when crossing so many time zones, sleep. I have stayed up late (easy with the advent of 24/7 power), and then not wanted to get up. It's also, temperature wise, right where it is just chill in the morning, not ridiculously cold, and so there's not enough of a 'wake up' benefit from getting out of bed to get my alarm across the room, and then it's hard to get up because it's warmer enough under the covers... sigh.

It's been an OK first couple days back. Our local coffee shop/cafe closed on Friday, so the guys from my house went for one last hurrah. We're pretty sure we were the last customers, so that's historical. I quit dealing with people after a while yesterday, so last night I talked to D and then hid in my room most of the evening. It's nice to be able to do that when I want to.

I really need to work back into the swing of things, but I think it's going to take some doing. Our month coming up is really disjointed with some days off, end of quarter, and then spring break at the start of April. But hopefully I will make it back into normalcy. Or as close to it as I can manage.

I'm really thankful for a supportive community to live in and come back to.

Where the final phase of the moon wanes forever
and the newness of the portion loses its luster
still will I search and strive for the strength
my life needs to hold and endure for none other
holds the keys to death so fallen to redemption
open skies hold a blessing for the finest of us
who gain so much more than I shall ever know of


Anonymous said...

since when did you get 24/7 power

Russ said...

February sometime. It's not constant, but it's far more frequent than previously.