Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crooked Crowns

Tomorrow, I fly to Dubai to pick D up. She leaves home in a few hours, please Remember her travel, and Ask that it goes smoothly.

Our science teacher and his family got a trampoline today. Tonight, they had a little bonfire and trampoline party. I had a great time jumping around with their kids. My other girlfriend, their little three year old, wanted me to lifter her up and help her jump. You know, even a relatively strong guy like me can only lift/jump a three year old for a while. But it was a nice, fun time. I can still almost, but not quite, land a flip on the trampoline.

Today, all the first graders wanted to shake my hand. I'm not sure how I suddenly got so popular. I've played catch with a friend here the past couple days. We both really wish we had enough space to bat, or a batting cage.

You can call me pathetic, but I really want to see D again. We've gotten to talk a good bit, but being with someone is different than just hearing a voice.

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Pete said...

Russ - i've been yapring for you and D - lifting you guys up ... have a sweet reunion. Your writings are great man - thanks for sharing. peace - Pete