Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fined by the shears

Ok, so it's Saturday, and it's the first day of the week. I got a lot of stuff done the last few work days, so good job me. I passed out a survey in staff meeting today on what people want for next year. One of the questions was, "I would rather the school provided me with (circle one)" Somebody circled four things. I'm trying to decide if they didn't really read the survey or just didn't care.

One of our teacher's aides, who has children at our school, told me that her son wanted to dress like me for Dress Like a Teacher day during spirit week, so he could wear sunglasses. This is because I always wear my sunglasses outside, a holdover from when I worked for GBS and had to wear safety glasses any time I went to the shop. The TA told her son it would be easy, all he needed was a black coat and sunglasses, and he'd be set. I guess I have a repetitive outfit in the winter.

I like my girlfriend.

It's alternating between warming up and staying cool. Hopefully it warms up for good soon.

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