Monday, December 08, 2008

The road

Oh, to be able to let go of all the drags me down in this world.
To rely on no one but the One who brought me here.
To fly away on wings of patience, faith and truth.
He came, however, came and showed me the way that I had to walk.
He talked, and I listened to the words spoken; where else could I go?
I may not always walk the best, may not always find the way I am to live my life.
But still, I know one above all others.

It gets colder here. We're having a strategic planning week. It's not gone the best for me so far, but I learn and grow anyway.

I am making a video for our staff Holiday party tomorrow night. I got some much needed help with music suggestions from D today while I was working on it, hopefully it turns out well.

I hope to grow. I hope to know.

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