Friday, December 19, 2008

The inevitable

Frankfurt, then.

The whole transferring from one terminal to another requires going through security. Took me 45 minutes. Not the funnest.

My flight here appears to be on time, and I'm really hoping that pattern holds through.

This airport is odd because most of the signs are in English and German. Instead of the just English or (Dari|Arabic)/English combinations that I'm used to.

I got to see the nearly full moon and the stars over the Black Sea on my last flight. It was pretty. It still makes me want to go be a colonist. The final frontier and all that.

Ok, well, my flight is getting ready to board. I'm confident I'm going to get through (and D is going to get through after me on Saturday) and that we won't get to spend time together in Chicago.

It's time to board. It's time to go home, and look froward to someday soon going Home.

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