Thursday, October 16, 2008


We got a new friend today. His name (apparently) is Max, he's a German Shepherd.

As I type this, he's outside. This is his first night separate from his family and siblings. When I came in a few minutes ago, he came up to me. I petted him for a while, carried him back to his house. He followed me back to the door. I couldn't let him in. He's barking that little whining bark that puppies do.

I feel terrible. I feel like him sometimes. Like I'm alone in this cold earth, nothing familiar, no family, no nothing, just dumped in this new place. So while I was petting him, I told him it was ok. That we were going to take care of him, feed him, do our best to make sure he stayed warm. That we were going to love him and do our best to help him gave a good life.

I hope he can make it OK with us. I hope we can take care of him well.

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rachel said...

You are about the last person I can see having a dog, Russ, even if it's not really your dog.......I hope it works out for you. (P.S. I love German Shepherds!!!)