Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mount Vespasian and Large Juice Boxen

So far today, I have - Upgraded the grading system to the new version. Emailed back and forth with one of our new staff guys because he missed his flight into Kabul so I've been trying to help him get a new flight and find a place to stay in Dubai. Counted the money in the safe for the business folks. Got the copier sent away to be repaired. Unlocked three different buildings for people. Helped the principal move chairs in her office. Moved printers. Found equipment that I had let the staff borrow over the summer. Got the other copier sent away to be repaired. Worked on a computer. Tried to make a schedule for all the things I need to get done before school starts. Agreed to watch 140 elementary kids in car line (think:dismissal time) for 20 minutes every day. And it's only just lunch!

I love my job so much. I really do.

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