Saturday, August 09, 2008

Distant paper coronations.

Today, I am a bipolar, isolationist, wanderlusting twelve year old with a Walter Mitty complex who doesn't handle complements well, can't get his work done, and has only one person who he will probably agree to interact with tonight, if he calls.

Bipolar, because today has been alternatively good and bad. Isolationist because it's the first week, it is 6:00 P.M. and I don't want to do anything with anybody already, except for one friend who I will hang out with if he is feeling better enough to. Wanderlusting because even though I know I'm supposed to be here, I love the people here, I can handle my job here, I'm wondering if I should have used my adaptability and gone somewhere else. Twelve year old, because I feel especially like a immature little kid today for a lot of reasons, Walter Mitty because of all that I dream about myself becoming. Complements because one of the new folks told me today that when I said I was 24, they were surprised because I displayed maturity and wisdom of someone far older. (I didn't laugh at this person. Aren't all of you who tell me I need to accept praise better, aren't you all proud?) Can't get work done because, well, people call and I get distracted, and because I am lazy.

I'm struck by the fact that I never change, whilst I concordantly never stay the same. I've been trying to be social, be friendly, be welcoming to new people, and I think I've overdone it. I don't want to really talk to them tonight. However, at the same time, I'm entirely willing to spend the evening with my buddy. This is me and how I always have been, minimal friendships, but good ones when I can really form them.

A Day Late.

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