Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The chains to break

The first week is done. I have mixed feelings about it.

I need to be different by now, and I'm just not willing to give in to it.

I realize that this blog has sounded really whiny, really meaningless, mostly worthless over the last month or so. I just don't know how to describe things anymore. There's not the time nor the inclination to begin to really understand or explain what's going on with me. I guess I'm not letting anyone get the best of me. I need to let go at the same time that I grab hold.

So, I'm going to tell you some things that I am thankful for.

- I am thankful for a cook that likes me and makes me special versions of meals sometimes.

- I am thankful for friends who invite me to go out to eat with them and their kids.

- I am thankful for power and internet.

- I am thankful for friends who know what I need to be encouraged when I whine to them.

- I am thankful for the ability to forget about stress for a while.

- I am thankful for friends who just talk.

In addition to what I am thankful for, I'll tell you what I hope you'll Remember.

- My grandmother, whose pacemaker implant seems to have gone well, and who should get released today.

- My best friend and his family, as they continue to deal with the death of a beloved mother and grandmother.

- One of my friends here who is dealing with stress and sickness.

- Friends I made this summer who teach at one of my organization's sister schools in Brazil and who are having to learn lessons in patience while they wait for their visas to get approved.

- My attitude, because it's been pretty poor lately.

- This land, because we've got some instability to deal with.

Take the best from me. There's not much here, but what there is, I will give.

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Anonymous said...

Somethings I'm thankful for: YOU(!) and your willingness to follow the Man's lead. Have a good week!