Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stellar Mechanics (The Color Theft)

The toughest thing about my blog titles is sometimes, I want to choose one that seems to be packed with a complex analogy that I get right now but won't in a week, and sometimes I just randomly have a bunch of words come into my head, and sometimes I want to make a joke or allusion that only one or two of my readers will get.

Anyway. I would talk about how I really like the Oh Sleeper album, but since The Guy-Who-Is-Avoiding-Buying-A-Couch-So-She-Can't-Kick-Him-Out-Of-The-Bed is probably the only person who reads this who would like them and he told me about them, I'll avoid doing so, simply saying that The Color Theft makes me sad that I soon won't be in a country where I can drive through the rural countryside with the windows down, yelling lyrics.

Any-Anyway. I leave tomorrow.

We were reminiscing today about our old life, my mother, sister, and I. And I was reminiscing about our old mailman. Now, we live out in the country, and the mailman drove a jeep to deliver our mail. He was really reliable, was always there about the same time. He also liked kids, and if we were out by the mailbox when he came to deliver, he gave us Smarties out of this little green rubbermaid tub that was probably fifteen years old. We used to stare out the window until we saw him driving by on the highway, and then we would run and get our shoes, run out toward the mailbox, and then start walking when we saw him driving down the road so he wouldn't think we were waiting for him. Sometimes, we would just be going out to get the mail and he would be there as we went out (co-incidentally).

I find that there are other figures in my life who are like this. Sometimes, I have to wait and wait and wait to catch a glimpse, and then I run out, ready for the prize. Other times, I have no chance for the prize because my instructions and directions are already in the mailbox. Yet other times, the prize comes when I wasn't expecting it. I'm not sure where the prize is going to come to me, but I'm waiting expectantly for that day.

I'm leaving tomorrow. I leave home, I go home, I still have to find home, but I'm getting ready to go Home through it all.

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