Friday, July 11, 2008

Not that far

And, I'm ready to be done with being in America. I wouldn't mind more time around family and friends, but I'm ready to be out of here and back to Kabul. I guess this perhaps means there is something wrong with me, but I'm entirely OK with that being wrong with me at this point in my life.

I suppose there's no escaping all of the damage that I have done to people over the last few years, which is perhaps part of why I want to get out of here (although there's a certain irony to wanting to go to Kabul to escape that, eh?) but I think it's more that I just can't stand America. The blatant consumerism the culture prompts, the idealization of happiness, the requisite folding of the hands to the twin idols of power and popularity... I would be fine with this place if it wasn't this place. A contradiction that is more of one than it seems to be.

I'd hold on to more of the inside of my head, but if I did, there wouldn't be anything there for y'all to see.


nln said...

Please don't leave yet ... I want to see you first! :)

Russ said...

Don't worry. Even though I always wanted an older sibling to look up to, you'll do.

nln said...

Hey, it is not my fault ... you used to be able to look up to me, you know. And then YOU went and grew. And, anyway, you still can do it if you sit on the floor.